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This is the heart of this initiative. It is an area of almost 200 square Km of diverse terrain located in the Makonde District in Mashonaland West Province (About 150Km North of the Capitol City of Harare).

It is an area which falls under the Makonde Rural District Council, and forms a contiguous wildlife area bordering the National Parks Doma Safari Area which straddles the Zambezi Valley Escarpment.

It is here where the Project Objectives began the metamorphosis from Concept Necessity to Practical Reality.

The Doma Project is a joint venture involving, The Makonde Rural District Council, the surrounding Rural Communities, Indigenous Entrepreneurs, and driven in a Project Administration and Management capacity by Doma Safaris, a Pvt Ltd company, which has Concession rights to the LDCA and is a committed adherent to the principles of Conservation and is pro-active in both responsible non-consumptive and sustainable consumptive tourism as well as relevant research projects.